Belvidere Home Sold

Front of Belvidere home

3042 37th Ave SW

Seattle, WA 98126


We would like to congratulate our client and the sellers of this beautiful Belvidere home. Featuring two stories, vaulted ceilings, 1 and 3/4 bathrooms, and three bedrooms, this updated Tudor has mature landscaping, spectacular views, and viewing decks.

As you approach the top of Admiral Way on the way to the Admiral Junction in West Seattle, Belvidere Park is on the right, offering some of the most stunning views in Seattle. It overlooks Elliot Bay across to downtown and further on to the Cascades. The park also occupies a block of grass and trees on the west side of Admiral.

In addition to the fantastic views, the Belvidere neighborhood is a highly desirable part of Seattle due to the easy access to shopping at the Junction and downtown.

We hope our client is enjoying the new home and staying safe and healthy!

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