Think You’d Be A Good Fit For Our Team?

Our goal is not to be the biggest brokerage in Seattle. Far from it. We want to align ourselves with a dozen or so good real estate professionals who care about our community and who spend time giving back. We want to get as excited about your causes as you get excited about the causes we are invested in. Together we can make real change. 

Oh, and do you like to have fun? Because we like to have fun! Real estate is stressful enough without introducing drama. Our preference is for a drama-free, collaborative, fun-filled office of community-minded professionals. 

Oh and dogs. We like dogs. 

Maybe you have been at your big brokerage for a number of years and the splits just don’t make sense to you anymore. Maybe you are at a brokerage that doesn’t have a brick and mortar building and that isn’t jiving with how you work best. Maybe your brokerage was bought out by the competition and that competition just isn’t the right fit. Or maybe what you really need is to join a brokerage that is small but mighty, is one of the oldest movers and shakers in Seattle but is on the cutting edge of everything that is hip and wonderful. If that sounds like the perfect fit, we want to talk with you. 

Give us a call, send an email, or fill out the form below and we will schedule a time to chat. 

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