Labateyah Youth Home

It is the end of the year and, while we try to be mindful and caring throughout the year, this is a particularly important time to reach out to those in need.

The United Indians of All Tribes is a non-profit organization located in Daybreak Star Cultural Center, from which it provides a number of services to promote the well-being of the local Native American community. Among the UIATF’s initiatives is Labateyah Youth Home, which provides temporary housing for young adults and facilitates a rapid transition to permanent housing. The program incorporates Native American traditions and teachings with modern health and social services.

This year, Labateyah was one of the winners of the 2021 King County Green Globe Awards for its rain garden which engaged residents and resident interns who developed valuable skills while providing fresh produce to local food banks.

We encourage everyone to join us in supporting the Labateyah Bridge Housing Program. RJRE, the office staff, and RJRE agents are pooling funds to make a donation to the program. If you have not yet made a holiday charitable donation, we hope you will consider the Labateyah Program.

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