Virtual Tours and Other Safety Protocols during COVID-19

Erik and Joe

Our heart goes out to our friends, family members and neighbors struggling as the catastrophic COVID-19 wave disrupts our lives in so many ways.

During these difficult times, Russell Jones Real Estate is committed more than ever to ensuring the safety and health of all our clients, agents and office staff members, as well as of our extended team, which includes photographers, stagers, loan brokers, title officers and the escrow staff. We are thankful for the wonderful support and team cooperation everyone has demonstrated as we have transitioned to new norms and new ways of operating.

Because some sectors of the real estate industry are considered essential services as defined by the State of Washington, RJRE continues to operate, albeit mainly from our homes in compliance with the guidelines established by Governor Inslee.

Washington State Real Estate Protocols

  • Open houses are prohibited;
  • In-person meetings with clients are only for viewing properties or signing documents;
  • Property viewings, inspections, walk-throughs and other property visits are by appointment only; and
  • Real estate agents may guide only one person through a home at a time, using proper social distancing

RJRE Safety Measures

Our top priority is making sure our clients, agents and office staff are safe and that they are comfortable with the level of safety we have established. We have put the following personal safety measures into place, but please let us know how else we can accommodate your needs so that you are comfortable:

  • Masks are worn for all interpersonal interactions for the safety of all;
  • Hand sanitizer (when available) is on hand for everyone’s personal hygiene; and
  • Disinfecting wipes (such as made by Lysol or Clorox) are used to clean surfaces and doorknobs after leaving a listed home

Although only temporarily available until full enactment on October 1, 2020, a law authorizing remote notarization has been passed by the state legislature and signed by the governor. Currently, however, the final signing is generally done in person at the title company in order to close. The title companies we work with have implemented stringent safety standards that include disinfection and the use of new gloves for each signing.

3D Tours, Live Video Tours and Other Showcasing Technologies

As part of our listing services, RJRE offers virtual technologies, such as 360-degree imaging, to professionally showcase client homes. These technologies allow buyers to view properties on a VR basis both as a safety measure and a way to save time and travel.

  • 3D Imaging – Images stitched together for 360-degree views;
  • Matterport showings – Virtually walk through the home at your leisure in what is essentially a Google Street View presentation, rotating the view as desired; and
  • Live Video Tours – Our agent is your eyes. Take a live video tour with our agent on-premises to guide you through. Go beyond 3D imaging and Matterports to look into cabinets, open the curtains and otherwise explore the space remotely.

After a client narrows down their choices through such remote technologies, we generally recommend an on-site visit utilizing the safety precautions outlined above.

As always, do not hesitate to contact your agent and/or us personally if you have any questions or concerns about personal safety at any stage of the buying/selling process.


Signed by Joe and Erik


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